It's so easy to count the number of times you fail...try counting the number of times you get back up."-L. Hollins

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Lashonda Hollins, LCSW

My name is Lashonda Hollins, and I live in San Antonio,TX by way of Mississippi. I have lived in Texas for 6 years and moved to San Antonio a little over 2 years ago. I am a graduate of both the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Alabama (SMTTT and ROLL TIDE). My husband and I are high school sweet hearts and we have been together for 16 years and married for 9. I enjoy country music, writing, singing, dancing, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. I have been practicing as a licensed social worker since 2011, public speaking since 2019, and became a published authour in 2020 (get your copy below).  

Since age 28 I have battled a significant amount of women's health issues including weight gain, uterine cysts, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, a myomectomy, a miscarriage, an abdominal laparoscopy surgery to determine why my follopian tubes were blocked, as well as infertility. As a result of these health issues I have experienced everything from anxiety, depression, a fear of being diagnosed with endometriosis, and a continuous struggle to conceive my first child. None of this has been easy. 

Five years ago when I started this roller coaster ride, I was not prepared for the journey life was about to take me on. Not only did I not know my family history in regards to fertility or any other women's health issues, but my mom unexpectedly died when I was 22 years old. Therefore, I was forced to face all of this on my own. 

As unfortunate as these experiences may be, they have inspired me to no longer remain silent about the women's health issues I have faced, and to be a voice for other women in similar situations. I learned that so many women are suffering in silence. This is in part because of the shame, embarrassment, and fear of not living up to the societal norms that it's associated with . I have decided the stigma stops here. I have decided to no longer be silent, to always ask tough questions, and to make it my mission to highlight the importance of women's health issues.

My Mission

My mission is to reach as many women as possible through sharing my story and highlighting the importance of women's health. 

My goal is to motivate and inspire change one speech at a time. 

I'd love to share my story with you

I believe it is imperative for women to know their bodies and share their experiences. It is how we fight that determines our outcome. Let's fight together with knowledge. Let's spread positivity through education, aspiration, kindness, and strength. 

I'd love to come and speak to your audience about my journey and what I have learned along the way. 

The Highlight Corner

Get Your Copy Here

Live on Austin Texas' The Horn

Live on Austin Texas' The Horn

Self-help book for individuals who are on a journey to find true self-love and acceptance.

Lashonda's first book. A self-help book for individuals, especially women, who are on a journey to find true self-love and acceptance. Throughout the book you will learn about self-love, self-forgiveness, and where to begin with developing a true foundation among other helpful tips to assist you along the way. This book is filled with real life examples surely to uplift and inspire you.

Remember you are the author of your story and the creator of your foundation. Your journey starts here.

Also included in the book are a few freebies:
Lashonda’s Top Blog Posts
Your Story Starts Here Journal
50 Positive Affirmations

Live on Austin Texas' The Horn

Live on Austin Texas' The Horn

Live on Austin Texas' The Horn


Listen to Lashonda' s radio debut on the Austin, Texas talkshow, Real Lyfe Reel Talk, with speaker, motivator, and public figure Tyler Campbell aka  T.C. Speaks. 

"Reinvention is like...this is who I WAS. Now, THIS is who I am." L. Hollins

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